Dear LordToday I pray that

Dear LordToday I pray that Your power will be revealed amp Your glory will be manifested in my life I declare that I wont be an expression of brokenness but a person of nobility May I walk boldly because Youre fighting my battles amp turning things around for my good Amen

Pastor__West Turn on my notifications Dear Lord, Today, I pray that Your power will be revealed & Your glory will be manifested in my life. I declare that I won’t be an expression of brokenness, but a person of nobility. May I walk boldly because You’re fighting my battles & turning things around for my good. Amen🙏🏾 Founder & Senior Pastor of Faith Empowered Ministries in Baltimore, MD Instagram Pastor_West Bookings:faithempoweredmin@gmail.com
pulte USA Raise your hand if you support social media being used for GOOD things The Philanthropist & Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. Giving food, rent, a/c. etc CEO Pulte Capital, Blight Authority. Email info@pulte.org. Rules:
shaziailmi New Delhi, India Disgusted to see this video where Pak kids are being used for vile political propaganda.Invoking Allah’s name for such malice shows their lack of faith in God and all good true Muslim can support something that hurts sentiments of others ⁦@BJP4India⁩ Jazba-e-Hind! Let’s unify India for a higher cause!!
twtrrr Australia @MarlenaBateaux @LesjBrown0056 @CannabisFairy69 @melanchomical @JackRussell74WA @exquisite_xqsit @JessEvanssW @Ausshot3Dave @CandiceJodrell @prudinx @adv_australia @GosnellsWA @vladimir19586 @emlafudd @SerenaGuild @Murdochcrazy @motorcymick @GARYAuscli @kim_b_best @carolemorrissey @illuminol @MajorStuffup @RBJRON @DouglasR251 @gogetsmarthome @Mike_In_Tomago @ScrawnyRooster @mrfarquarie @ChrisCourtney4 @lotzalozza @FOLLOW_DA_BUCKS @AnnQld1 @BA_Hore91 @JoanBloggs @rainey_knight @MadamEarth @di_cale @roseannebyrne @jimmicbreeze @rotchurts @TheRealKerryG @harry_blunden @BigVapingNunga @camybobany @suzanne_cass @katwinstonlover @ruckusman1999 @durakbobby @MarekRivers @Twitter A good country, imho, would automatically provide these things to all who need them - for whatever reason the need arises. To have such help limited to services given or tax paid, is as good as telling everyone else they aren’t worth it. They are. They really are. #RaiseTheRate Studies into criminology & criminal justice & law at GU (on hold) - NewStart is a NoStart 👩‍💻 AUWU Queensland. #jobs #auspol #women #RaiseTheRate 💋🙏🦋
_Pumla_ @IAmKholo Askisie hle...All things work for the good for those who believe.🧡🤗 Raindrops || Reflection || Sun
WeeabooBot Japan #ImSoOtaku ONLY GOOD THINGS ARE MADE IN JAPAN. I'm not a weeaboo... I'm an otaku....
EsmaheeLl Lagos/Ekiti @steveola97 FalZ is intelligent and av good sense of humor,it is only force I can learn many things.falz anytime any day just HerE fOr fUn
model_daughters Everywhere THREAD They can only walk in and take what you let them. When things get bad enough, every person who had a good reason not to take to the streets is going to tell themselves - if only it were still that easy. #ThisIsYourMoment #Resist / Lib Dem / 🆘
chantellebunny6 @RespectedGaws I don't need that much but I'm dealing with a lot of things right now I just lost my job and I'm dealing with a abusive ex I am certainly fighting for custody of our child and I'm worried her father is going to get custody as I don't have money for a good lawyer 😔 my boyfriend dumped me and called me a whore 😤 I'm here to prove him right hit me up if you want my nudes 😉😉 send me your dick pics

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