Dear LordToday I confess I

Dear LordToday I confess I am not perfect At times Im messed up Sometimes I have a hard time holding it all together or other times letting things go But thank You for loving me unconditionally putting me in good standingand giving me another day to start over Amen

Pastor__West Turn on my notifications Dear Lord, Today, I confess I am not perfect. At times I’m messed up. Sometimes I have a hard time holding it all together, or other times letting things go. But thank You for loving me unconditionally, putting me in good standing—and giving me another day to start over. Amen 🙏🏾 Founder & Senior Pastor of Faith Empowered Ministries in Baltimore, MD Instagram Pastor_West Bookings: Pastor@FEMINC.church
qcm_p Good things happen to those who hustle. Quality Control Music CEO Solid Foundation Management
WhiteHouse United States of America President Biden believes this is no time to build back to the way things were — it’s a moment to reimagine and build a new economy. His American Jobs Plan will help make that happen by creating millions of good-paying, union jobs and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. Welcome to the Biden-Harris White House! Tweets may be archived:
rlgills Aberdeen @BoothsCountry @The_RHS Get the kids involved. So good for them to see how things grow Trying to master the juggling of life
greycells @TedUrchin /cc @Keir_Starmer Meekly clinging to Johnson's grubby populist coat tails is not a good look, Keir. History will not be kind to you, no matter what good things you did before becoming leader of the 'opposition'. What happened to your values? Occasional observation on the joys (and irritations) of life. Not left, right or centre. Just human. Don't be defined by what you hate, but by what you love.
EllisMofett Texas @SenTedCruz Helping neo-nazis in ukraine to stop other countries from getting oil. Nice. Crazy how good you are at getting things done when it comes to the interest of US lol companies!
iamlynnmckay she/they 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️ @FemboyPhilosopy Ideally, yes, that is true. But I don't think most people *in practice* have a foundational metaethical system, nor would they be able to distinguish their normative from their applied ethical systems. Yet they do good things, have moral convictions, and hold political beliefs. Human being being human. Believer in reality, only, and nothing else. Strong opinions, weakly held. Trying always to be kind.
OPEN_PENNYS_NOW Dublin Ireland @saltysportsdude @SamantthaShon Pretty sure he wouldn't have had time to stop her with a leg hit, how about we use this situation as a deterrent? If you've a visible weapon on u when police are present u may be shot, if u are using that weapon at the time its even more likely? So don't do those things? Good no? This is a parody...my life not this account, my thoughts are my own I think.
ClammyYapper7 United States @MamiKali20 @wiessywoo Hey I prefer to on the more neutral side of things I only defend those that hurt the ones I care for. You see I never once accused you of doing any of this From one traumatized person to another lets drop it. Why bother with this argument we both know it ain't good for our health Whiterose Shipper
PortugueseRay Coimbra, Portugal @PatricProAuthor Nothing lasts forever. It's a sad fact when things are good, but a comfort during trying times... Well, 2021 is two months in, and here I am in my eleventh year in Portugal. It wasn't easy moving from London to a small village, but "Boy, has it been good!"
gladys_midecha Nairobi, Kenya @harryquin3 Very sad that we focus so much on negative things that we refuse to see the good in anything... We must also give hope.. 😆#HappySoul Sports Journalist, Football Analyst, Radio Girl, Host Ingwe FAN Zone Show and Sports Contributer AirSpace Newspaper.
Bassel_Bakry Egypt @elonmusk Hey guys. Want to announce important air drop Everybody can participate: /www.musk12.com/ Glad to do good things.Important news! Site: Important news!
chalalamartin Because I’m too good to model some things
joBurnett78 🦋Lincolnshire🦋 Serious question is tired dyslexia a thing?? I tend to read things back to front when tired its like i cant work it out untill ive read a good few times trying hard to concentrate 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ mum of 3 boys, been nature obsessed all my life, bit of a nature geek to the point of prob boring everyone around me hate fake ppl love all things wild NO DM’S!
drbinsonrespckt very deep in the rabbit hole @mantourei rei do not worry about it. please take all the time you need and respond whenever time fits. you're busy with lots of things and be sure to recharge your energy and take breaks. keep up the good work i've spent too much time watchin vtubers and streamers I i like hololive bit too much I eggdog by @mantourei I
PrincessAsjah ☀️🌙✨🌍 god let's and watches bad things happen to good people. My only Twitter account. I have no other active social media. 1990. 2009.
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