Damn I been preaching positivity

Damn I been preaching positivity and using my platform to do good things because the WORLD needs it And all people care about is omg you copied this dudes video They literally miss the whole message and aspect of the entire video all because its not original

FaZeRug San Diego / LA Damn. I been preaching positivity and using my platform to do good things because the WORLD needs it. And all people care about is “omg you copied this dudes video!!” They literally miss the whole message and aspect of the entire video all because it’s not “original” If you watch my YouTube videos I love you
davidkurten London harry, husband of MEghan apologises for society being 'institutionally racist'. This is rubbish - these privileged woke celebrities should stop bashing the West and start celebrating the good things about Western civilisation and history for a change. London Assembly Member, Brexiteer 🇬🇧, writer, speaker, Christian ✝️, social conservative💍, pro-life, pro-free-speech, pro-free-markets
tito_mboweni Johannesburg, South Africa It is not a good idea for professional economists to unwittingly involve themselves in things they know nothing about: policy and politics. “May God bless South Africa”. God bless and Protect Africa!
itsjust_niecey New York, NY Real shit 😩😢 Smh . Imagine having doctors just telling you “Oh nothings wrong just take some birth control pills it will help” and that only makes things worse 😢 I be so tired when my cycles come , because I never if ima have a good or bad cycle 😢 #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter || Medium Ghetto 💅🏾 || Dancer 💃🏾 || 24 || NO IG NO FB ❗️|| GCU ‘22
Minniepark58 India @cheritz_msg_bot Before I was nervous too... And was unable to talk thinking lot of things that anyone will behave me good with me.. But you were the only one who trust me and started to talk and behaved so well with me.. Yes soon we will talk.. I will be waiting for you Yoosung.. To play Lollol *मेरा भारत मेरा गौरव🇮🇳* 케이팝 내 인생이야!🎸#MJ & #GD are my 🌟 #VIP est' 11♥️ #BLACKJACK est' 10♥️ #ARMY est' 13♥️ #EXOL est' 12♥️ #BLINKS Multifandom💃Meghyung💍
akoko_akuma Big Rich Town Happy Birthday bully @__horla . Wish you all the good things in life. PS: I had to run away from pool for my mental health abeg😭😭😂 Cruise 🌴. . . 📫: Ojoareseun@gmail.com
LvCa2 Riverside, CA area I think she's lovely, a rarity for the dump family. Good for her for writing that book. All these bad things that are happening to dump can be summed up in 1 word; Karma. Hope to die Dem. Resist! As broke as a dentist in a meth house. I'd like to procrastinate, but keep putting it off. 😋
papabillsGh Above all things, Grow. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way. Self doubt & insecurity does not have to define who you are or what you could achieve. Thank God for everything. Good morning @Papabillsgh @Adom1063fm Official Twitter Page for 2011 Award Winning Radio Producer & Presenter | @Adom1063fm | For Booking Contact: +233231602168 |
Sababaaaa @Moujemusic I hope you're doing great, you deserve all the good things wallahi 💚💚 A bio.
bunbunzebunny @Porforever Thank you so much for showing it step by step! Everyone I asked previously tried explaining it to me but I could never figure it out so I kinda just stopped commenting on things. (I'm a very good visual learner, but I'm practically handicapped when people try to talk me through) I'm just here tbh (I do not own any art on here unless specified if you want to know the artist of a picture I posted or as a used profile pic just ask)
MeganKe73759549 It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done. #green #snapchatme
loudlex @kody_roberson Good things happen to good people!! Congrats Kody🥰 Every waking moment of my life is sheer torture
BlackWidowJola Nottingham, UK @RealFabianBerg Oh he's selling it so hard, all good things :D Synthetic spider silk designer 🕸️ protein biotechnology enthusiast (UniofNotts BBSRC) 🧬 MRSB 💚 🇪🇺🇱🇻🇷🇺🇬🇧
cantankerousgal Navi Mumbai, India Did they give any relaxation to their customers in the lockdown period? Earlier it was good we recharged as per our wish and didn't have to waste our hard earned money on just receiving calls. How can trai approve such things it's unimaginable.....3/4 I love being casual and humourous at times. Love simplicity Love making friends
PlaterRoger @GillWru We've had a poor year for roses - only a couple of stems. Think the dry spring did them no good. Loads of other things bloomed early, so not much to come now I suspect. Looks good, though. Cerddor, Cymro dros Annibyniaeth Ailddysgu Français a Deutsch Welsh musician, pro independence Relearning Français and Deutsch

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