Congrats to and HuskyFox for

Congrats to and HuskyFox for the Best Recording Package nomination for Love Yourself Tear Its so great to see one of the most exquisite 360 audiovisual campaigns Ive ever seen get this recognition a harbinger of good things to come

colleennika Brooklyn, NY Congrats to @BTS_twt, @BigHitEnt and HuskyFox for the Best Recording Package #Grammy nomination for Love Yourself: Tear. It’s so great to see one of the most exquisite 360 ° audiovisual campaigns I’ve ever seen get this recognition — a harbinger of good things to come. 💫 Dreamer, schemer, slipstreamer. The dream of 1998 lives within me 💿 Writer-At-Large for @Dazed. Creative director in design + music. I love sci-fi foods ⚗️
SarahPalinUSA Alaska Days After Mexico's New President Is Inaugurated, He Crushes US Media, Says Things with Trump Are Good, Willing to Discuss Immigration Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee. Tweets by Sarah Palin signed - SP
NiallOfficial Mullingar,Westmeath,Ireland @flickerlives @ShawnMendes Don’t worry about me , I’m good with how things are going . Proud of shawn Listen to my album 'Flicker'
SteveTONJohns3 @ManaByte hey Jeremy. I read Feige talks about how Star Trek TNG: “All good things” is an influence on Avengers:EndGame. What do you think he means?
park13jungsoo @OngMarChan_ Happy 22nd Birthday to our Kang Centre🎉 On ur special day, I hope you will have enough time to spend it with ur love ones❤️ Have a good rest and eat well. You’ve worked hard and doing really well,do knw tat u worth all the best things, dun stress out so much💕Happy Bd once again ❤️Wanna One. 💙Super Junior. ✨Wannable.1yr ✨ELF 8Yrs
TracyVan10 California, USA Good luck to all the boys I’ll ever date bc BTS have literally set my standards so high & also bc man, I love Yoongles so much. That boy has me whipped for him & he no idea I exist. I’ll still love my actual s/o a shit ton tho but man, Min Yoongi? That man does things to me. 😤 #ENDviolence I miss lil meow meow
Iovearin t n’ d @joonieba !!!!!!!!! im SOSOSOSOSO PROUD OF HIM!!!!! he really has learned so very much and i couldn’t be anymore prouder of my sweet ANGEL! he deserves all the good things in the world bc he never gave up, he kept trying and growing and he’s just Amazing 😭✨💓💕😭💖 jimin: i’m so happy you guys exist
dangerousvixen4 whipping your husband a good pounding among other things dear I am the wrath of the gods the scourge of mankind I`m Empress Isabella a warrior queen all men bow to gods help you should i invade #AnyRP #Darkthemes
EboJennifer2 Abuja, Nigeria @houseontherock @nathanielblow The almighty one that is turning things around for my good .may his name be praised There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal
abdwj48 @WBrettWilson @liberal_party @gmbutts @JustinTrudeau a Liberal stealing from taxpayers?!?!?! shocking! ( not shocking at all) 2 things Liberals are good at, lying and stealing. common sense is not so common.
The_gabgab A Galaxy Far, Far Away I officially made it to the Good Place. @TedDanson just told me to “go get em” when I told him I’m an aspiring actor and things have been really tough. I feel really determined now. Thanks, Ted 💖 "You're the definition of fantasy." - children I watch | AADA '15 #AlphaWoman #ShePersisted
_ManOfAction wit ya bitch 📷 ho-ho-ho-things: goldensweetcheeks: se0ctopus: Yoga is good So basically just have sex involving... Look if u don't like wat I say.... E.a.d bout my bread love my fam n my hilligans s.o 2 my slimes n slimetts #teamcancer
WelcomeToDot Dorchester, MA Natl Wholesale Liquidators tho. Yiu *could* go grocery shopping there, but as many people pointed out, for a good number if things it wasn't all that much cheaper than Stop & Shop down the street. 'a microcosm of Boston' - Mayor Menino; 'God's country' - John King; "a little too ungentrified" - anonymous Boston venture capitalist.
elisesophiaw 110% recommend coming into the real world. You're not missing anything when you leave social media. My mind is way less stressed n way more here now. I've started doing a lot more things I love like sketching (badly) & skateboarding every bit. xx love n good music forev Sent from my Etch-A-Sketch using two knobs.
yung_dracula Denver, CO There was a period in my early 20s where I really could have become a giant shithead had things gone differently, but thankfully had good enough community to teach me not to be a dumbass. To think, I could have gotten into Nick Land or some shit lmao. Too much bad sci-fi.

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