Be a good person and

Be a good person and good things will happen to you I promise you DONT GIVE UPGood things take time Keep working hard stay focused on your ultimate goal and dont ever stopppppp

Tinashe Be a good person, and good things will happen to you, I promise you. DON’T GIVE UP!!!!Good things take time! Keep working hard, stay focused on your ultimate goal and don’t ever stopppppp. SONGSFORYOU available now 🖤

drdavidsamadi Manhattan, New York We are asked to do three things to eliminate this virus: 1. Social Distancing 2. Wearing A Mask 3. Practice Good Hygiene At least two out of the three are being violated in this photograph. Let’s lead by example. Tweets represent my own views. Was @FoxNews Medical A team. #RoboticSurgery. Expert in @newsmax contributor🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

joshtpm New York City For better or worse this is almost certainly the most cost effective approach. Shut things down for six weeks, pay everyone's salaries and on the other end we could be living the relative good life they're currently living in Europe. If we just do it right. Founder and reigning monarch at TPM. Lapsed historian. Polk Award winner.

ConfluenceHR Mumbai Jack Schafer, a behavioral analyst, retired FBI agent and author of The Like Switch, says that good salespeople do these things instinctively, which is what makes them so successful. Worth a read to know some honest ways to make it happen Confluence is a Mumbai based headhunting firm doing senior/middle level hiring across BFSI, Retail, ITES, Real Estate etc across India and Middle East

Michell83685391 @HappyCycler @bitsy423 @freepepsi1 @robbystarbuck @Liz_Wheeler @realDonaldTrump 100 percent things are better then 1950.. but that doesn't mean they are good enough ...

HEEJlNNI PSTCH-XXX. @Jenniestela Everyone... Look at my lovely unnie here, it is just Jenniestelaʼs agenda: being the sweetest sister to me. Saying things that I often forget to memorize. You deserved every single {good} things in this world too. Whatʼs bad let it shoo away~ 𝐇𝐉. 🐰 — Seekor kelinci yang dalam penyamaran manusianya akan membuatmu jatuh pada sejuta pesona miliknya. Penakluk pertama dari semesta LOONA. ☾

MrsPugh_teacher After hearing so many good things about these books, I have ordered these to read and scrap book/review. Now is the decision.. which one to read first? #edutwitter Primary teacher, English lead, mother and wife!

Indicadreamzzz chillin with Abel It was a nice almost 2 months...but all good things must come to an end... Lexxi | 27 | ♏️ Sun, ♎️ Moon ✨Spiritually connected 🧘🏽‍♀️✨. Your local edible lady, DM for menu & to order!

B99493162 @bwaynebatcavec1 @washingtonpost Trump has done good things for America more than the career politicians on the left have done when they have been in office for decades Always searching knowledge

adeolu_kayode Good things come to those who wait... Better things come to those who don't give up... and the best things come to those who believe. Good morning Ask me about it

SHAUNA_C14 I just couldn’t be one of them girls who document everything on Instagram or Snapchat, especially the bad stuff, nothing against girls who do I love seeing your blogs btw, but way too many people thrive seeing things go wrong, I’m always good thanks for asking 🤫 s h a u n a _ c o n n a u g h t o n ♡

Student75919598 Your sprinkle of motivation is to know that good things come to those who work hard for it!

dennasus going nowhere slowly @jan_doig @amandajp17 Read good things about that too "And I'm scared that I won't have the strength that it takes - To stand up when the levee breaks." (going with @FrankTurner quotes here for a while, I think)

sekotser_ @berniespofforth People should have factored this in as a possibility before going. 'Shall I go abroad on holiday this summer?' - 'Probably not a good idea🤔all things considered'. Naive to think otherwise, people need to take responsibility for their own actions

TRESAcic Totterdown, Bristol, UK Thanks for the update - good to know you're keeping an eye on things. Just a stroll from Totterdown for those who want to meet Delboy, selling facemasks. @Totterdown_ [Story here: ] If you live in this wonderful part of Bristol called Totterdown, then this is your local group as well. Let us know about your events, issues and local stories.

ChrisHatt11 Johannesburg @News24 Good ol' socialists doing socialist things. Solvitur ambulando

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