Are you finding it hard

Are you finding it hard to move ahead in your journey Quit overthinking quit replaying failed scenarios quit negative thinking and start seeing the good and positive side to things Its amazing what a change in mindset can do for you Try it and you wont look back

muftimenk Zimbabwe Are you finding it hard to move ahead in your journey? Quit overthinking, quit replaying failed scenarios, quit negative thinking and start seeing the good and positive side to things. It’s amazing what a change in mindset can do for you. Try it and you won’t look back. Zimbabwe

muftimenk Zimbabwe Let’s face it. It’s a fact that we won’t like everyone who comes into our lives. That’s okay because we’re humans. So let people go gracefully. Don’t be petty and don’t say nasty things about them. Be mature about it. Take it in good spirit. We all have our likes and dislikes! Zimbabwe

seomiyaa Always say good things to yourself love yourself


KishorJ82126628 @DrRekha99 I don't know why but people always feel good watching white or colourful doves but don't feel almost anything when they see crow. Perhaps it's in the basic Instinct of human being to get attracted towards fair things. I don't know how much this thing is correct.

JawedHassan24 Lahore, Pakistan @TalatHussain12 Only good in twisting things. If genuinely concerned about cotton growers come out with facts. Ch Parvez Ilahi is sole culprit in this regard. He allowed corrupt MNAs to set up Sugar Mills in cotton areas against rules to secure CMship.Thus the cotton mess.😸

Slam___55 surrey @MNmomto4 @NPR Straight up child abuse. She was upset and wound up and they couldn't calm her. This happens to kids over the littlest things, let alone what she was going through. They seemed to be just tired of listening to it and thought violence was a good resolution. Terrible judgement.

vminsfloor she they ☻ read carrd @BTS_twt you deserve all the good things & all the happiness in this world something about non-jimins having an opinion doesn’t sit right with me

Dawstopper Swindon @jhalcrojohnston Sturgeon has talked a good game & managed to duck under the scrutinising eyes of the media.. She has often been able to ‘communicate’ things better than Boris. BUT when it comes to actions & results, the SNP have failed in a way a Tory or Labour leader would never get away with! Centre right working-class Conservative : Monarchist : Married with 4 kids : Believe in Rights, Freedom & Personal Duty/Responsibility : Views are my own

VenixLowell United States In my opinion and what I mostly see Xbox really doesn’t have that many good exclusive things. Their exclusive are mostly FPS games while for Sony and Nintendo they’re pretty diverse He/Him| 17 | Autistic | Asexual| Nintendo, Earthbound, and Halo Fan| One behind @Valentian_Saint and #VenixLowell tag| Vent: @VenixVents

Bigrich872 @TheLeoTerrell It’s good to do things,

Wills for Ireland