And I know therell be

And I know therell be that momentThe good Lord calls one of us home andOne wont have the other by their sideBut heaven knows that that wont last too longMaybe some things last forever after all

lukecombs Nashville, TN And I know there’ll be that moment The good Lord calls one of us home and One won’t have the other by their side But heaven knows that that won’t last too long Maybe some things last forever after all Deluxe album ft. “Forever After All,” “Cold As You” + 3 more new songs available now. Listen here:
MZHemingway Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court "My choice in the 2020 general election is between a personally offensive outsider who gets good things done and a professionally offensive standard politician who will turn bad ideas into law. This is why I will vote for Trump." -- @AriFleischer. Senior Editor, @FDRLST. Senior Journalism Fellow, @Hillsdale. Fox News Contributor.
ZackBornstein Los Angeles, CA Not to get political, but America is very pretty and has a lot of nice folks making cool things, and I think if we had a president who wasn’t actively trying to kill us, we could have a pretty good time Emmy-losing Writer/Director (@nbcSNL, @JimmyKimmelLive, #Alternatino, @Netflix, @GameOn, @ComedyCentral, @NewYorker). Follow me on IG: ZackBornstein
luv_dis_caramel Louisiana, USA Life goes on! Despite the things you have done wrong which ruins your reputation, LIFE STILL GOES ON. You are not dead, but still breathing and kicking. Put on a good face and Move on. ONLY BEING ME!!
kailash_hari #BiggBossTamil4 Things not going good for anitha from day 1...negative vibes... Now joined with sanam... Super... Engineer... Nature lover.... Reviewer...
despking_off Lagos, Nigeria Lack of understanding. Police brutality. Oppression and a Total lack of good living under a government who barely understands what it takes to show love. Things are becoming unbearable. DESPIRATE ONE WITH A GOOD HEART
InnocentByabag5 KIGALI,RWANDA EPHESIANS 2:8-10 [8]God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. [9]Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it... GOD FEARING BELIEVER. PEACEMAKER//MATTHEW 6:33 SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM&HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS,&all these things will be added to you//Mt5:6/Rm14:17/Mt4:17/2Pet1:10-11
marvelous_100 South Africa @Chymamusique I agree with you , i was talking to my brother the other day about this topic , i mean good things take time , if you listen to old house music it feels like it was made yesterday, other than those who release 3 albums in one year , it gets monotonous b3 even 6 months can pads I SAID WHAT I SAID ...O NORENG ?
ellyashamall so uH in earth i saw two people fighting and as the bi*** i was i joined and one of the girls friended me and i accepted and she told me to show them what good things i have (i rh) and i showed her and she said a few things and she later said when i get in trading can i have... lizzy {} she/her {} @Amy_Rxses is a rat. 🤡{} roblox player c: {} im a gemini ♊️ {} ty for reading :D ily 🤩 💞✨
sally07 Adelaide @wombat_shane @justin_kampen @deniseshrivell Look after your own self. Do the things you love. Watch nature. Rest. Find other things which mean something to you. Self first. Focus on the things you can control. We are all getting swamped and our own lives are important. Take good care 🌟 English born, Australian owned, French inclined.
lucidillusions_ Mumbai, India @rushatim I wont say sad, because at some point i realized it wouldnt be too good for my MH in long term. I did add value to the science out there, but I really couldn't work on it beyond. Way happier with all the things I've done during (on the side) and beyond since then. Mad Scientist ~ Camera and Beyond ~ Perversely Subversive and Absurd ~ I love Books, Bowie and the Beatles ~ Not Suitable For Human Interactions ~ He/Him.

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