Always ask the Almighty to

Always ask the Almighty to help us focus on things that are good pure honorable righteous excellent amp worthy of praise Abandon thoughts that cloud our judgement cause doubt amp make us think ill of others Theyre the work of Satan Good thoughts make all the difference

muftimenk Zimbabwe Always ask the Almighty to help us focus on things that are good, pure, honorable, righteous, excellent & worthy of praise. Abandon thoughts that cloud our judgement, cause doubt & make us think ill of others! They’re the work of Satan. Good thoughts make all the difference! Zimbabwe
benshapiro I remember when we used to use the phrase "the flag, motherhood, and apple pie" to signify things about which Americans were unified. It is now "an offensive symbol of white supremacy" and "birthing people." So I guess we're still good with apple pie. Editor Emeritus, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show,” NYT bestsellers "The Right Side of History" and "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps"
thesecret Expect all good things are coming to you. THE OFFICIAL twitter account for The Secret. NEW BOOK: 'The Greatest Secret'. NEW MOVIE: "The Secret: Dare to Dream" & NEW APP: "The Secret Super App".
AstralisLoL @Guardaklol @RiotMAXtheX @LEC Just passed Zanzarah in the office and this was his reaction... Things are not looking good. Home of Astralis League of Legends. #ToTheStars Wear the red star:
tubboranboo and the universe said you are the daylight and the universe said you are the night as a photography student if you’ve got a good photographer shoots are so so soooo much fun, they’re one of my favourite things :] any pronouns ^__^
RickJones616 @theAliceRoberts @NewnhamTony @HoustonMargaret Why is the world not only made up of happiness and good things, says person who doesn't understand that happiness and good things would not be able to exist without its opposite. Yes it's true, Alice, suffering is a major part of our experience here - but so is transcendence. P.I.
dushie_mayne On the road Promote good things... my imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me the world and exiles me from it. I just pray I live forever
naedeeee If a hundred good things don’t last, then how can you think that one bad thing will? sometimes Alice, sometimes hatter 🐇
dergal London, England @DodoNerd I am very similar on that front, I can take things personally even tho I am quite good at telling others not to. I am also easily distracted / short attention span, works well for some tasks, but other tasks, not so well. SEO Guy - Co organiser of conference - Digital geek, often talking at conferences, author & SEO Director
LizClutterbuck London In honour of my return to the (audience of) the West End last night, a thread on how you can see good things for not as much money as you think - inspired by a conversation I had with a total stranger in the interval yesterday… (It’s long & niche. Sorry!) Londoner, baker of cakes, transport nerd & researcher. Vicar of @n7_emmanuel & part of the madness that is @matryoshkahaus…
Watermelon_Ing The ONF VR thing reminds me of this Local MV from the 90s. Everyone were so thrilled to be able to watch things on 3D for the first time so people be selling blue-red glasses to be able to see it. It was played on TV3. Good old time😂 WM closet;B1A4 나르샤 비원에이포 ,OHMYGIRL,ONF
John93570512 @EmmaWatson Emma- you are a shining star and you make me happy. Please keep using your voice for good and keep doing amazing things. I thank you so much for being a light in the darkness of the world - your biggest fan P.S. You are amazing as Hermione I will never imagine you as anyone else
ns_shrzhn @yayalululalaXX to make you feel better, meeting someone is also a part of the journey. i always think of this when i’m about to question why i have to meet this particular he/she. Allah surely has all the good reasons. depends on how we measure certain things/people. we know better yaya! hugs Mainly books | Non-Fic freak | Current Read: The Prayer of The Oppressed & Latto dan Asmiranda | Side Read: Dondang Pembukaan
TaeGoodQuote LOVE YOURSELF SG • fan account ⠀ #Hoseok (2021): + if we keep our work and do our best, I’m sure good things will follow. ⠀ ⠀ And also the GRAMMYs next year would be one of our goals too. We want to keep inspiring people with our music and performances. ⠀ #BTS Positive & Motivational Words (2013-2020) 🔮📜
AduragbemiOlowe Birnin-Kebbi, Nigeria @NaijaWatch Good morning sir That’s the truth about life Most things that we love are things that won’t do us much good Am a very friendly Person Takes lot of interest in Business. kings Delivery Service 🚚 A man of Honour and Respect Responsibilities. @aduragbemGold is BKUP Act.

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