All the good youve done

All the good youve done no matter how small will come back to you So dont despair but give generously Act with kindness Its contagious Do things with a pure heart and leave the rest to the Almighty Hes All-Knowing

muftimenk Zimbabwe All the good you’ve done, no matter how small, will come back to you. So don’t despair but give generously. Act with kindness. It’s contagious. Do things with a pure heart and leave the rest to the Almighty. He’s All-Knowing! Zimbabwe
mattyglesias Washington, DC People will say things like “cryptocurrency isn’t good for anything except money laundering, tax evasion, and obscuring crimes” as if Switzerland didn’t build a successful banking sector on exactly that foundation. Writer and editor, Slow Boring. Senior Fellow, Niskanen Center. Host of The Weeds. Vaxxed and relaxed. These tweets are worth what you pay for them.
JuliaHB1 London Er, "most things" isn't good enough. I want *everything* to be open and *all* of my freedoms returned to me. The old normal - now. @talkRADIO Breakfast Show presenter 6.30am-10am Mon-Fri on DAB+, smart speaker, our app or online. Journalist, broadcaster, after-dinner speaker, awards host.
ImprctclArchtct Cork, Ireland @THICCtorianChad In a funny way this is tradition in action; bringing forward elegant solutions from the past and deftly trimming away the things that didn’t work so well. We should probably look at this as something positive in the long run. It shows that things might be changing for the good. An Honorary Archaeologist, Impractical Architect and Classical Architecture teacher❤️ 🇮🇪🏛. Also Retired Furniture-maker and Veteran Drummer. 🤘🥁
Fayoropo Anume has been a good companion for me sha. Kept me from going crazy at times. When it all feels overwhelming, just watch anime or read manga and take my mind off things Oluwadamilare
Meaning18599788 @WinWinEC @christaljackson @MosaicGenius We gave Children of Israel Scripture, judgement and prophethood. We provided with good things and preferred them over the worlds Quran 45:16🙏 קוראן עברי👇 #lubavitch #jewishtradition #jewishexperience #yeshiva #Hasidism #jewish Live life with Purpose Know what's Eternal Life after Death. _Did you think We created in mere idle play, and would not return to Us? _ Quran 23:115
harlotime Lagos, Nigeria Some Nigerians prayer will be like. No matter how difficult things get in the country make them sha they make their own money. My brother God no go answer that prayer ooo. Nigeria must be good for everyone not for only you. #activist. concern citizen. I follow back, I share love ❤️.

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