A key tenet of Trumpism

A key tenet of Trumpism is doing illegal and unethical things openly even boasting about them to normalize them As a good Trumpist Gaetz is trying it out

Kasparov63 New York A key tenet of Trumpism is doing illegal and unethical things openly, even boasting about them, to normalize them. As a good Trumpist, Gaetz is trying it out. Join RDI! @Renew_Democracy. Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation (@HRF). Author, speaker, 13th World Chess Champion
thesecret Think carefully through all the good things that happened during the day, and find the best thing that happened that you're grateful for. THE OFFICIAL twitter account for The Secret. NEW BOOK: 'The Greatest Secret'. NEW MOVIE: "The Secret: Dare to Dream" & NEW APP: "The Secret Super App".
NRA Fairfax, VA Joe Biden is good at selling two things: NRA memberships and guns. America's Longest-Standing Civil Rights Organization. #NRA #2A
nonaperimalam cyber account, she/her. @mintjiae kak jiae!! thank you so much for wishes. πŸ’› but jangan pansy aja, i hope good things and happiness in coming to kak jiae, please always be happy kakak!! 🌻 anyway, how's your day, kak jiaaa?? πŸ₯Ί buat @thespectras dapetin, pemenang best kakak of the year selamanya!
Windfinder1004 europe i just see things like this happen every year and its so sad to see... despite good intentions, ppl get worked up and waste their time on nothing without even actually helping their fav '95 🧑 she/her/they/them 🌠 inspirit, stay, army, mbb, agase, shawol, elf, cassie 🌌 check carrd for more info ☺🧑