A journalist asked me a

A journalist asked me a question yesterday and I answered it She then called my office to say sorry I consider that the end of the matter Abusing journalists or anyone on Twitter does no one any good We have far more important things to deal with lets all move on

DanielAndrewsMP Melbourne, Australia A journalist asked me a question yesterday – and I answered it. She then called my office to say sorry. I consider that the end of the matter. Abusing journalists – or anyone – on Twitter does no one any good. We have far more important things to deal with, let’s all move on. Premier of Victoria.
VictoriaOsteen Part of trusting God means trusting Him when things don’t make sense. Know that His plans are always for your good. Even in difficult times, God is working on your behalf.
50cent Hustle Harder Book Link 🔽 I’m really not feeling the way the guys involved with Pop’s project are handling things, I got it to this point it’s gonna be the #1 album. That’s good enough right, 🤷🏽‍♂️i’m gonna be unavailable moving forward peace. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi Artist-Actor-Television Producer————Executive Producer of POWER on @STARZ Executive Producer of FOR LIFE on @ABCNetwork
NickisWHOR3 @BalticsMinaj I don’t have the best relationship with my family either that’s why I focus more on me and the thing that are important for me. Please don’t ever think about harming yourself because imagine all the things u haven’t done in live think about all the good things that are comming ur
vishmahe1 @Imran37765168 @Bharatfirst10 @o2XfSg7jUqExr2O @aloor_ShaNavas @thirumaofficial @Patrick70633049 @DVATW Dalits went for a funeral procession in theni Muslims attacked them did you condemn this these are problems good people should appreciate good things and condemn bad things otherwise, on seeing your name , people will get away from you
Solomon_Clouds Abuja - Nigeria If you could do good things for other people, you have the moral obligation to do those things; not by choice, but, responsibility. God has given each one of us a will, use it, and wisely. Nobody cares about that on Twitter; There is a lot of mad people in here.
peeachtaee @Maath48 she's an anti that has said extremely disrespectful things about the boys. i'm sure she shared good points but. pass. i live so i love ✌︎ | 🇲🇽 | ig: its.peeach | 8/26/18 ♡ 1/19/19 ♡
Chopsie_Murphy Brisbane, Australia @indica2007 Use your preferences. You can put Greens/Indi first and use your remaining preferences in order of whom you dislike the least. We do need Greens like Siewert desperately and I won’t go anti-Green (despite things I don’t like) bc I think their good outweighs their bad. #FuckingRespectPeoplesPrivacy Wash your hands. I like your dog more than I like you. Retweets & likes ≠ endorsement
cnjrmgnt thought that if he extends his term that the Philippines would become one of the best countries out there. But I cannot blame them, he is truly a promising leader. I cannot also deny the good things he've done during his FIRST TERM, because the second ... signals the downfall. JUNK TERROR BILL NOW || CCSHS || Not to speak in a borrowed Voice || In a world where you can be anything, be kind
shayra_sitti City of Mati, Davao Region The good things in life are better with you🌹 You can't finish what you don't start😉
iz_ben Nairobi, Kenya In it there was this side character that had a special power. It was like good luck meets guardian angel. Anytime he was exposed to danger the power orchestrate things in a way that he avoided the danger. It wasn't deflection per se Whenever I open my heart, my soul or my mouth a touch of God reigns out. Animal lover, humanist, environmentalist, writer, ex webmaster

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