7 Ways to Make Today

7 Ways to Make Today a Better Day1 Look for the good2 Appreciate the little things3 Be a helper4 Tell someone they matter 5 Give more than you take6 Speak words of encouragement and hope to yourself and others7 Believe the best is yet to come

JonGordon11 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 7 Ways to Make Today a Better Day: 1. Look for the good. 2. Appreciate the little things. 3. Be a helper. 4. Tell someone they matter. 5. Give more than you take. 6. Speak words of encouragement and hope (to yourself and others). 7. Believe the best is yet to come. 11x Best-selling author of 23 books including Energy Bus, Power of Positive Leadership, The Garden. Clients:Rams, Clemson FB, TB Lightning, Dell, Snap, Heat.
iramizraja World Good things happen to good people. Congrats Kane Williamson. 👏👏👏 Cricketer for life, #AskRamiz Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat: iRamizRaja RamizSpeaks Born 14 August
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Calvvv the past month has shown me how much $ i can save if i didn’t have a social life. good things come at a big cost i guess 🥴 l
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noemergencyexit On Mars Shads’: you know it’s no secret I hate my own works I hate the drawing things I hate the writing stuff I just over all hate my own work so when people say to me it’s good I don’t listen to them maybe one day I’ll create something I love but till then I’ll hate everything This is the official and Productions account any others on this site are fakes this is the only official one
okhia_ @davadmiller @TimRunsHisMouth if that's good you comprehend things in your world ok.
jmrbys We can ~celebrate~ the good things his presidency has brought, of course, such as the Philippines' legal victory over China regarding the WPS. But we also have to remember the hardship his restrictive policies and inaction have brought to the masa. Editor. Lifestyle + Pop Culture Writer. Nerd. Guncle. Eldritch horror. Opinions are my own. Bylines at @gistph + @PhilippineStar
MROCNA1 @theonewhenRach Good idea Rach, all the best hope things get better mate 🙏🏼 Recovering alcohol and substance addict, clean since 15/5/19, progress not perfection🙏🏼 29, UK, avid golfer, footballer and West Ham Fan
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G_oigo Kenya Betting companies can pull some serious marketing campaign and inject good money into sports... #TeamBetika did some great things... Am sure there are people who thought #WRCSafariRally2021 was being sponsored fully by Betika. #vasha .// 🤔 🇰🇪
lwaynesky Nairobi.Kenya. @theMagunga @redbullmotors @redbull @OfficialWRC @MSportLtd You deserve all the good things bc you work extremely smart 💯
vampthebs bristol binch!!! @mattyfloyd I enjoyed Canada enough to give S2 for her a shot and if Sweden comes along I'll be on that in a shot but otherwise? I will have to hear VERY good things to invest 2-3 months in you editor @socreview, rebuilding my way back to the top. inspired by prince, betty ford, mata hari, gaddafi & j-lo. literally homeless, not politically homeless
Kyle52909497 DEEZ NUTS @Electrophoreius Nah. He did it for his race, kind of a good thing. He is still a dickhead, he did murder so many people and ultimately, clearly made things worse. New hobby is simping for Reze 24/7. Oh right, don’t follow if you dont like nsfw Watch/Read Slam Dunk
acmjds I'm coming to terms with a broken heart I guess that sometimes good things fall apart 🇵🇹🇮🇹
AGoldenEyedDoc (RP/18+/AU) @TwoFlamesInside // Doctors went good. I need to get another blood test ang few other things but that’s only to check my thyroid and iron. Oh no. I hope you will be okay. Always here for you. 😘 “You've given us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time.” (Taken:@TwoFlamesInside) (PennedBy:@InkedJedi) (NotReal:@peterfacinelli)
brightloui @thayrine I’m not any good at this type of things but I would love you to do another cover if someone can help I’m here for Supercorp Melissa Katie and the gang and a member of the church of Supercorp

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