1. I got my car back!!

1. I got my car back!! It's been 1 1/2 weeks, thanks to trouble getting a part for the old rustbucket. Highlights included an epic bus/walk to get my kid's school computer to him yesterday morning.
2. The unparalleled commentaries of noted giallo horror historian Tim Lucas (If you like horror and you haven't heard a Lucas commentary, treat yo' self!)
3. IKEA. Tins of Christmas ginger cookies are out! And their veggie dogs are sooooo goooood.

Evening run. Its dark early, but we have a nice place to run near home that is well lit and always busy even in the evening.

I found out that a Korean book I read last year and loved had been recorded as audiobook, so I listened to it that while running. Even though I already know the stories, I dont mind listening to them again.

Received my agenda for 2024. Now to wait two whole months before I can use it

1. The feel of wrapping my electric lap blanket around my back and feeling that radiant warmth seeping in.
2. Made a new hoisin chicken stir-fry recipe using CSA veg. including mibuna greens and jicama (great sub for water chestnut), plus okra (fried) and ALL MY PICKY EATERS LIKED IT. Miraculous.
3. Wrapped up listening to all the Author Ad Challenge Q&A and bonus videos before they disappeared. Learned some stuff.

1. Friday! I didn't have to browbeat the kids into doing their homework that evening--I have the whole weekend for that.
2. I wore my winter coat to the kid's bus stop. So when I also accidentally locked myself out of the house ... I didn't freeze. It was only mildly inconvenient to wait for Phil's rescue with his keys.
3. Publication! A Halloween-themed quarterly anthology, including my "You Are in the Heart of the Corn Maze."

Wore my favourite oversized hoodie.

Bought a new Nebula notebook because Im reaching the end of the current one. Ill start the new one just for November, its perfect!

Ginkgo trees are turning yellow. It was really a beautiful sight this afternoon.

1. I went to the school's parent-teacher group and helped plan future things in the face of despair. Adulting! Also, I got to be Idea Person, one of the roles that I'm good at in organizations.

2. Misty autumn days. The best.

3. I am very grateful that my little robot vacuum goes and cleans up spilled cat litter so I don't have to!

What was the best good thing from your day

Oct 24

1) Dancing. I am still loving learning to dance. Today was the start of a tango.

2) I've decided which blanket I want to make next

3) Tiny Dog burrowing into my dressing gown for a snooze. Yes, I was still wearing it.

1. Finally dropped my car off to have a broken headlight replaced (case broke last winter, though the light still functioned).

2. Vigorous discussion with spouse over lunch date. Good Internet vs. Bad Internet, differences from Doctorow's Enshittification Hypothesis. (How) can we fix it

3. Stayed up till midnight to wrap up an Amazon Ads for Authors series of videos, and learned some new tricks.

1. We went to a jack o'lantern extravaganza that was SO worth it. Excellent for the season. I have so many photos, you can't imagine.
2. Getting kiddo to finish her homework just in time.
3. Sambusas and Somali tea in a little cafe while waiting for my kiddos to finish Sunday school. They were playing a loud livestream of an imam reciting in Arabic, so not sure I'd recommend it as a get-work-done cafe, but the food and tea was really good.

1. The kids earned extra screen time from all the outdoors time leaf-peeping at the Landscape Arboretum on Friday, so we had a nice relaxed Saturday.

2. IT Lash Blowout mascara. I found a mascara that I don't even feel when it's on!

3. Halloween party! Alas, I didn't get a photo, so you'll have to take my word for it that my Morticia Addams costume turned out well.

today - buying a new to me sofa, lemon drizzle cookies from Lidl, soup, catch up (via text) with a friend, a huge mug of tea thats sitting next to me now.
We will ignore the bad things, they are pretty much my usual.
Soon going to be time to crawl into a cosy bed with a good book and wait for the arrival of The next few days will be spent at home and hoping family and friends that live in the red warning area are okay.

1. Watched the first episode of the new season of Loki with spouse, and it is AMAZINGLY CHAOTIC. ::chef's kiss::

2. Free carton of La Croix from my co-op, thanks to their "owners" freebie coupons. In my middle age, I have started actually drinking this stuff. Weirdness. But I love freebies!

3. Installing freebie curbside storage shelving under my kid's lofted bed, where it fits perfectly.

Good Things

1. Took a very short bike trip to get my daughter to her free tennis activity. Not as recovered from Covid as I thought I was. It wiped me out I slept until almost 11am today. But getting her--and me--on our bikes is still good.

2. Coffee shop writing and a Pumpkin Spice Lawsuit (their version of a PSL, with actual pumpkin).

3. Scouted murals for a future photo walk.

1. Watching Moonlighting (old TV mystery show with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, now on Hulu) with the kids while folding laundry before bed. I'd never seen it before. Pretty fun show! The kids liked it too: I'm now forbidden from watching it on my own.

2. Bought a new phone to replace my broken one. Not the model I wanted (too expensive), but it'll do. Pixel 6 Pro, refurb.

3. Halloween decorating with electric votives + a dozen tiny jack o'lanterns.

1. Our new Roomba did a great job on the carpet in the cat porch.

2. I got an extra 300ish words written in the evening, over my word goal, thanks to 4theWords.

3. Figured out who is going to end up a corpse-puppet, and why it will wrench the hearts of my readers.

1) I am out of quarantine for Covid and feeling improved if not all better, though I'm still masking around my family for 2 more days.

2) This cup lid, which I got with a matching mug at our favorite Asian grocery store and then discovered it fits all my large coffee mugs! Magic.

3) My electric lap blanket. Best thing ever for writers working in cold attic garrets.

A little day brightener! This started with a wild brush line that might be a distant horizon or a dragon (depending on your mood or perspective).

gouache in 5x8" journal

Wins for today -

A short walk.
Tofu fajitas (my first proper meal in days, living on toast or sandwiches a lot lately).
A chat with a neighbour.
Cuddles from my neighbours dog.
A little bit of cross stitch done.
Lots of laughs with the child.

Thats lots of good things to feel positive about. Been trying to avoid things that bring me down.
Time for pjs, then a cup of tea (and probably toast - I'm not being THAT good).

It rained last night and yesterday afternoon and I came home to the most beautiful and huge chanterelle underneath my rosemary bush. And then this morning I got to watch the first flight of a fledgling blue jay.

I hope this gives you a warm feeling.

Tube (AKA valve) amplification gives that embrace of deep bass, warm mid-range and non-fatiguing treble that makes music shine.

If you ever get the chance check out the Seashore Trolley Museum not far from there in Maine. Pretty cool wooden New Zealand Trolley there from 1903 too

A burst of deep magenta ink to brighten your day!

I make a lot of small format collages, usually on 3x5' index cards. These move forward in an impromptu way, one decision leading to the next (not planned in advance) -- just keep going until it's interesting!

I'm working on little abstracts in ink, and going through the "awkward" feeling/phase that happens when I shift back to a medium I've not used in awhile! So I wade in, start with open-ended play, mark-making, experimenting, letting the process evolve, not working toward a particular finished work. My favorite way to work!

Wishing you a day filled with inklings of good things at every turn

acrylics on wood

"I have come to believe that there are infinite passageways out of the shadows, infinite vehicles to transport us into the light." Martha Beck

ink on 3x3" watercolor paper

Who is making your a We want to know about your +

is about recognizing doing .

Best part of living in Northern California is the nights in the park. Cool breeze, cool music, cool friends.

It's no joke, it's Federal Equal Pay law.

holy acts of Congress, Batman!

When an unexpected good arrives in our life, it may provide a moment of startling insight, a fleeting experience of wisdom, by showing us how we have needlessly accepted the limitations that were imposed on us in the past.

- saw many buns in the park. and a rat!
- finished last year's spring sketchbook lol
- swapped out tarot decks from storage, found myself trying to reach for the thoth and the morgan greer, so out they came. along with two fun ones.
- revisited different sketchbook for inspiration and i'm mixing up new color palettes with old techniques :) maybe something fun will come of it
- it's supposed to rain all night!
- found a youtube channel very up my alley, don't know why i haven't stumbled across it earlier (Crecganford)

ok i have to double down with positive things. it's been harder to find/focus on any recently (overall and also acutely in the last week or so), all the more important to get on it.

here are some
- the weather has been cooler and i finally felt like i have energy to live. might even clean up today
- i'm having a lot of fun arting and crafting, using up stuff i already have. it's very rewarding to be in a place where i don't really need to be getting anything
- i am 10 years marry this week! so that's cute. maybe we'll takeaway about it
- blessed to have a friend i could whine to about everything, they're a connection to home and to the good parts of my past
- been listening to music more since we got tidal. i like its algorithm
- ever so grateful for the accessible, no-hoops required trans healthcare around here

Some good things to smile about-

I have a golden eye frog or two that lingers by the light at the front door for bugs. They are cute.

I hear the barking frogs even if I rarely see them & they make me smile.

We have an armadillo (or 2) that have started scrounging the yard for bugs & slugs. They are just plain WEIRD looking.

now knackered and somewhat sweaty, but I think that we did (TM)!

Rob Lamothe-The Good Things
There is no compass
Where are my shipmates
Where is my sailing hand
There is no badly-drawn map
There is no turning back
There is no sign of land

And would I recognize it
If I was stranded on it
Would I know your heart

I am writing down the good things
Every wounded heart and bloody ring
Behind the brave words and the smoke screens
I am hoping that you'll know it's me

- turns out rose syrup + fizzy water is a decent approximation of Fentiman's rose lemonade!
- pizza and Poirot with the partner :) takeaway is so spoonful
- we were promised a storm and while it seems to have dissipated before it properly arrived there was a very dramatic cloud. and it smells nice
- managed to stop myself from purchasing a ridiculous amount of beads (didn't get any, in fact!)
- reading in the sun!
- luscious soap

today's highlights:
- launched a peanut directly into a crow's beak! it made a satisfying clack on impact
- enjoying combo postage
- cat keeps inviting herself for hugs. it is a bit cold

today -

- saw a super bright crocus
- one crow in the park has a Very Different voice from all its friends and it cracks us up every time
- big snuggles with cat
- i Tried and therefore no one should criticize me